4th ILDS World Skin Summit
2025-10-23 - 2025-10-25
SSDVs Kansli
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The ILDS World Skin Summit (WSS) in 2025 is an opportunity for the ILDS and the wider dermatological community to join together to explore actions to improve access to skin health. We will share how the outcomes of the previous Summit, in Peru, has informed our 2024 – 2027 strategy and how we will work towards our vision of Skin Health for the World.

The 4th ILDS WSS will focus on access to treatment and its costs on a global scale, assessing the current issues our colleagues are facing and sharing successes and improvements to facilitate meaningful discussion. Through these interactions, we will develop a joint strategy in which the ILDS, alongside its Members and Partners, will play a leading role. Through prioritising education, shaping health policies, fostering knowledge exchange, and driving innovation, we will commit to improving the accessibility and affordability of treatment, ultimately advancing global skin health.

The Summit is an exclusive invite-only event for leaders of ILDS Member and Partner organisations. Further details about the event, including registration, will be available later in the year so please save the date and check your inbox for further details.


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