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Parents and school children reported symptoms and treatment of allergic disease differently
Caroline S. Danell, Anna Bergström, Carl-Fredrik Wahlgren, Eva Hallner, Maria Böhme, Inger Kull.


Objective: To examine the difference between children and their parents in reporting symptoms and treatment of allergic diseases within a longitudinal birth cohort.

Study Design and Setting: Information on symptoms and treatment of asthma, rhinitis, and eczema was obtained by questionnaire from 2,744 children (mean age: 12 years) and their parents. Differences between the responses were computed, and agreement assessed both absolutely and with kappa coefficient.

Results: On 12 of the 15 questions, children’s and parents’ reports differed significantly. Asthma-related issues appeared significantly more prevalent in the children’s reports, although kappa values were fair to very good. For symptoms of allergic rhinitis, the prevalence pattern varied, and kappa values were moderate to good. Parents reported a higher prevalence of eczema-related issues, but the children reported a significantly higher prevalence of eczema itself. Kappa values ranged from moderate to good.

Conclusion: Although reports of allergic symptoms and treatment by 12-year-old children and their parents were in moderate-to-good agreement, children reported more symptoms than their parents. Symptoms of allergic disease should be reported by children themselves, from the age of 11 years, whereas questions of prescribed pharmacological treatment could be answered either by the children or their parents.

Accepted 19 February 2013; Published online 23 April 2013
Journal of Clinical Epidemiology 66 (2013) 783-789

Handledare: Professor Carl-Fredrik Wahlgren
Caroline Simberg Danell ST-läkare, Södersjukhuset, Stockholm

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